Heart Of Texas Parkinson’s And Caregivers Support (HOTPACS)

In 1986 HOTPACS was the only non-profit organization offering assistance free of charge to people with Parkinson’s (PWPs) and their care partners in Waco and the surrounding areas.

HOTPACS is an IRS tax-exempt organization

under 501(c)(3), section 590(a)(2)


Due to COVID-19 restrictions at our regular meeting location, we are temporarily meeting on Tuesdays & Thursdays, 3-4 p.m., at Church of Christ Crestview, 7120 Delhi Rd, Woodway. 


Exercise — Education — Inspiration

  • Low Impact Exercise Classes (either sitting or standing as able) address the physical side effects of Parkinson’s Disease and other movement disorders.  Exercise strengthens weakening muscles and improves balance and coordination, which helps prevent injury from falling.
  • Voice and Facial Exercises strengthen muscles in the mouth and neck.  This helps improve speech and swallowing, and reduces the risk of choking.
  • Professional Speakers are scheduled once a month in September through June.  HOTPACS invites certified professionals to speak about Parkinson’s research, treatments, therapies, and patient care management.
  • Experience-Sharing Meetings are scheduled once a month for candid and confidential discussions in separate groups:  one for people with Parkinson’s (PWPs); and one for their care partners.
  • Social potluck lunches 2 or 3 times a year.

Newsletter and Membership Directory

(Annual Fee $15/person or $20/couple, payable in August)

The newsletter is a must-read, as the editor Martha Black researches the internet and print publications to produce a “Reader’s Digest” of valuable information.

We hope to see you soon!

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