Since 1986, our mission to provide exercise, education and inspiration to People With Parkinson’s (PWPs) and their Care Partners has been rewarding beyond measure.  We also welcome people with any other neurological and/or movement disorder.  To see and hear for yourself, you’re invited to attend, free of charge.

The following quotes are comments received from group participants. 

“I was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, and my doctor recommended that my husband and I go to HOTPACS to learn more about managing the challenges ahead.   Everyone was so warm and friendly, and we joined right away.  The Heart Of Texas Parkinson’s and Caregivers Support Group provides us with the latest research information, chair exercise classes that are fun and easy to do, and they have a monthly newsletter that keeps us up-to-date on upcoming speakers and topics to discuss.  We love HOTPACS!”

“I had thought that Parkinson’s Disease was all about the elderly, hand tremors and shuffling feet, right? Well, I found out differently when my doctor referred me to a movement disorder specialist at Baylor/Scott & White Hospital in Temple.  He told me that I had symptoms of Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease and said there were many side effects of Parkinson’s that can give an early warning that you might get it.  At 45 years old, I still have years of productivity left in me, and HOTPACS has given me the support and encouragement I need to look forward to the future positively.”

“The Heart Of Texas Parkinson’s and Caregivers Support Group has been my “Parky” family for three years now, and I can’t imagine what my journey would be like without them.  We get together every Tuesday and Thursday from 3 to 4 p.m.  They have a professional instructor every Tuesday who teaches seated stretching and flexibility exercises, and on Thursdays, they usually have a speaker, or discussion groups, or another exercise session. Thanks to HOTPACS, I’m feeling fit and better than ever.”

FREE exercise classes, professional speakers, and discussion groups.  (NOTE:  All meetings canceled until further notice)

  • Tuesday and Thursday exercise sessions, 3 – 4 p.m.
  • Educational programs of interest to PWPs and Care Partners with plenty of opportunity for Q&A, usually every 2nd Thursday of the month.
  • Candid and confidential discussion groups every 4th Thursday.
  • Social potluck lunches 2 or 3 times a year

Newsletter and Membership Directory

(Annual Fee is $15/person or $20/couple, payable in August)

The newsletter is a must-read, as the editor Martha Black researches the internet and print publications to produce a “Reader’s Digest” of valuable information.

We hope to see you soon!